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Grey Trading was built in the vision of helping others to reach their potential while trading the financial markets.Over the past 8 years , Grey Trading has become market leaders in forex education space. With a student base worldwide, Grey Trading is one of the most diverse educational platform you will ever see. Since Grey Trading started the founders have grown a team of traders who has grown exponentially to help all traders from beginners all the way to experienced traders.

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Over 20 Years of Experience

With over +20 years of experience in the markets we can confidently say we know what it takes but also the mistakes and traps every trader needs to avoid on their trading journey to become profitable.We have over 4000 students to date, amassed over 11.2 million views on our YouTube market analysis videos and have travelled across the world to teach our renowned course.We have since created our Limitless Trader Program which provides the education as well as the tools for traders looking to start out but also excel in their trading.

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